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Kid’s Love Cameras

My daughter took my phone to take some of her own pictures. It always make me laugh or just smile when I look back at what she’s done.

She’s a natural, for sure.

See more here!

6 thoughts on “Kid’s Love Cameras”

  1. Had to laugh, your ¨husband man child¨, I can feel related to him.
    Mommas….. I have no clue why people, in this case women( what a Discovery) want a kid, they drive you nuts.
    In my personal case it´s me the cool, sorry, over-cool uncle that appears one day with gifts, actually not all the time, actually most of the time. Hell, my presence is the gift, the Little monsters that my Little sister has should be grateful to see me. They are by the way. But I actually timed myself, it´s between 2-3 hours I can mentally play their game after that time is passed I tend to find cool way of suicide. And I was literally raised by a women, my mmmaaaama. How she did it, no clue. It´s way above me. I think some women, I did say some, not all just in case it went over your head, some women are in certain specific ways stronger.

    Conversation with my mother this Thursday that I saw her,
    Me- Why would a woman want a child
    Her- shut up, are you this dumb really?

    Anyways, you sound like a strong funny person so I will do what I have named ¨my cool stalker moves¨. So I´ll stick-read you from time to time. You´re welcome.


    1. I appreciate your “cool stalker moves”, I think…
      Glad it made you laugh, cause sometimes that’s all I can do.
      I will say thank you to your “you’re welcome”.
      P.S. I’m sure your niece/nephew are super lucky to have such an awesome uncle, cause it sounds like you remind them on a regular basis, as I do with my nephew. It can’t go unnoticed, am I right? Yes, of course I am.


  2. My daughter loves to sneak away with my phone to take photos.
    I sometimes get warnings on my phone that I am running out of storage space, so that’s usually how I know she’s been taking pictures again lol
    Unfortunately she likes to hold down the button so there’s often 30 photos of one thing. I find a lot of photos of her toys, her brother, her legs, etc.

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