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When It’s Time To Put Your Foot Down

I understand grandparents are allowed to spoil their grandchildren, but I think it’s gone a little too far this time….

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20 thoughts on “When It’s Time To Put Your Foot Down”

  1. That is true, my grandparents….brings a lot of good memories.
    By the way yo haaay! I saw ( finally) that under the name of the blog you said ¨Adulting is hard. Being a mom harder…. I believ those same words can be aplicable to men.¨.¨


    1. No, no they can’t. But it’s cute that you think so.
      P.S. Has your mom had to deal with Tina today because you and your dad ignore Tina’s complaints?
      No… being a mom is much, much harder.


      1. Tell that to my mother. Even at my age(36) she still looking out for me.
        She did kick me out at age 18 though.
        I Will always be a ´mammas´ boy, but curious to myself is that I have been in the army, combat, the smell of dead bodies I créate, now writing, and stiiiiiil a mammas boy.
        Tina, me and my father have figured out how she can ¨dissper¨ with saying to mom it was an accident.


      2. Your mom does that because you will always be her baby boy. I feel the same for my son, though I do feel like I am enabling him to be a useless man child.
        Your mom sounds like a strong woman, but most moms are strong, they have to be to handle their babies going off and fighting wars and killing bad guys.
        I bet your mom worries endlessly, and THAT’S why she takes care of that precious bull dog, because she wants you to be happy.
        Go give your momma a hug, dammit!


      3. She has finished her cancer treatment so it is me who helps her.
        Mom worries endlessly…..not quite sure of that since after not bein a good boy in an american highschool she diid told me that i´m 18 so you keep on with my studies or get a job, hence I did the last and one of them was the Spanish Legion didn´t talk to her until I was 30.

        Another thing, the last one I promise….maybe not, if I go and give a hug to my mother she will probably hit me in the face while saying ¨ Be a man you pussy!
        It was a intersting conversation.


      4. She’s making her boy strong by being tuff on you.
        You show your love by taking care of her.
        I think I may be making my boy a puss. Oh well, I love hugs from my son… but I have to make him hug me. The little shit, when I tell him I love him, he replies “you too”. He never actually tells me he does. Yep, I’m ruining my son for sure.


      5. Forget about that shit.
        I know I´m tough, she happens to be out of that cáncer so is the¨kid¨taking her hand.

        By the way, did I just read ( I tend to go my way in the sideway), sorry, did I actually read you saying about your son…..making your boy a pussy and what else haaaa” you did say Little shit What´s up with you?
        Gotta have to take you to Venice that way you can disconnect.


      6. He is a little shit, but I made him and I love him. That’s what teenagers do, be shits.
        Remember 18year old you, not listening to mama in your American Highschool? That was you being a little shit.
        I’m his mom, so I can say it. Anyone else would die if they said it to me or to him.
        You kill bad guys, I kill anyone who harms my son. Somehow I think yours is a mire legit reason to harm someone.
        Ahhh Venice…. must be beautiful. Can I bring my kids!?! Or am I supposed to get away from them too?
        Your poor brain. I hope blogging helps you get through that hard crap war puts you through. I’m trying to read your stuff more, I just run out of time.


      7. Lets take it from the end and let´s go up.

        b- I over my mental war crap.
        2- Venice is a good place to say ¨Holy, my kid just drowned!¨

        the other numbers I forgot to count, not a kid though.Yes, I do realice you are a woman….Woman, with a big W, and I do believe that you will kill for your son. So it is a BOY kid you just disclose, better than having a girl. I´m just prejudist, I do have a evil Kanievel sister, she probably took it out of her mother. Not bad with me but the rest humans—–sorry for them..

        It´s actually kind of meditation wirting to you


      8. Well, I do have a girl…. guess I’m screwed.
        I have 1 boy and 1 girl.
        Maybe Venice is not the place for my kids if they’re kids drowning in the rivers left and right over there.

        Sounds like the women in your family are intense, but all women are insane to be honest.
        I tell my son all the time to be careful. But kids think they know everything.
        Men think they know everything.
        Me. I do know everything.

        Writing is nice. Gets the edge off.
        Gets the crap outta your head that you can’t talk to anyone about.
        You’re almost invincible here, where no one knows you.


      9. Of course you agree with me, I’m right.
        You say you are in Venice now?
        Is it beautiful there? Or do you take advantage of it’s beauty since you have been living there?
        I assume, never being there, that it’s all beautiful. But I suppose, just like anywhere else, there are probably good and parts.

        How is Tina? I love that name. I work with animals and I love them.
        I always love it when an English Bulldog comes into work. You can’t help but love them, they’re so cute.


      10. I´m in Venice now helping the English Bulldogs that are drowning, so my job description is ¨saviour of pets¨, they should make a series out of me. Why should you be always right and me not?…… I´m a man!


      11. So, you sit by the river…helping bulldogs from drowning, but watching the kids fall in, and other breeds of dogs as well?
        But you can’t save them all, can you?

        Because you are ‘a man!’ you will think you are right, but it will never be so when you are in the company of a woman.
        Sorry, rules are rules.
        But you will still think you are right and know no difference…
        As I have said before, women are crazy.
        But men! Men are stubborn from birth.


      12. Absolutely, have you ever watched Mastermind? Captain Underpants? Batman and Robin from the 70’s?
        I fancy my self a hero and advocate for animals through my work, an I’m a gigantic weirdo, able to embarrass myself at the speed of light!


      13. Borning.
        You always know how it’s going to end.
        I guess you can say that about a lot of movies, but I like to mix it up a bit.
        Plus, porn is so unrealistic. Nothing close to real life. Once you’ve seen one pair of boobs, or a penis, you could pretty much say you’ve seen them all.


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