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Mother Of The Year Award Goes To…..

Have you heard about this story?

Amazing! I’d like to think that if something horrible happened to my children, I would be able to react in the same manner.

From USA Today:

A Canadian woman rushed to save her son after a cougar attacked him last week, prying the animal’s jaws off her child, according to local news reports.

How did she do it? “Mom instinct” and prayer, she told CTV News.

Chelsea Lockhart’s son was playing outside the family’s Vancouver Island home Friday when she heard a fence rattle in the backyard. Then came sounds of a struggle.

The mother bolted outside to see her son, Zachery, 7, on the ground with a young cougar attached to his arm, the network reported. She had no time to lose.

“I had a mom instinct, right?” Lockhart said. “I just leaped on it and tried to pry its mouth open.”

With her fingers fish-hooked inside the cougar’s mouth, Lockhart began “praying in tongues” and “crying out to the Lord,” she told CTV News.

“Three sentences into me praying, it released and it ran away,” she told the network.

Emergency workers arrived in minutes to rush the mother and son to a hospital, per CTV News, where Zachary received stitches for a 1.5-inch gash on his head. He’s expected to fully recover.

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