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Teachers in Sacramento Go On Strike

I like how the story ends with “education could be an important issue in the 2020 election”

-Education should always be an important issue in every election.

Our US education system is a complete mess.

The labor action is rooted in many of the same complaints that have prompted educator unrest in other U.S. cities in recent months.

By Lauren Camera, Education ReporterApril 11, 2019

Thousands of teachers marched on strike through Los Angeles in January. Sacramento teachers went on strike amid unfair labor practices by the Sacramento City Unified School District, on April 11, 2019.(FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

TEACHERS IN SACRAMENTO went on strike Thursday morning over issues of class size, lack of resources and general fiscal mismanagement, marking the first time educators in California‘s capital have walked the picket lines in 30 years.


The 3,000 members of the Sacramento City Classroom Teachers Association allege unfair labor practices by the district. They argue that Jorge Aguilar, superintendent of Sacramento City Unified School District, is refusing to honor the teachers union contract that he signed more than a year ago, which was supposed to reduce class sizes and improve access to services for students, like nurses and psychologists, in exchange for changes in an employee health care plan.

Notably, that contract was brokered to avert a strike over the very same issues.

The school district, which is battling a $35 million budget gap, is currently under threat of state takeover. 

“Administrators simply need to honor the contract and obey the law,” David Fisher, president of the city’s teacher union, said in a statement. “Our superintendent, and school board talks a good game about ‘equity, access and social justice.’ It appears to be just talk, which is why Sacramento’s educators today will just walk.”

Officials from the Sacramento Unified School District pushed back hard, saying the grounds outlined for the strike are “unfounded,” and they accused union officials of making false statements and leaking details of a mediation process on social media.

The two sides had been working with a mediator as recently as this week to overcome differences, but negotiations crumbled after word about the process, which was supposed to be confidential, was leaked.

“Yes, we have disagreements, but acting uncivilly toward each other, making statements that are not true, or worse yet, laughing after a mediator made the determination that the session should end, is not the kind of behavior that is going to bring us closer together to save our schools,” district officials said in a statement.

District officials framed the strike as irresponsible and said it puts the district at increased risk for state takeover. 

“I look forward to tomorrow to making sure we begin the process of figuring out how we are going to come together and put ourselves in a position where we can achieve long-term viable fiscal sustainability so we can avoid in the immediate future a state takeover,” Aguilar said at a press conference Thursday morning.

The strike is just the latest example of educator unrest sweeping the U.S., as teachers have walked the picket lines, held sick-outs, marched and protested in Los Angeles, Virginia, Denver,West Virginia, Oakland and Kentucky – all in the last three months.

The discontent on display in the opening months of 2019 follows a year rocked by educator unrest, in which teachers in places like Arizona, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oklahomaand West Virginia organized around the same issues of pay, class size and resources, and ultimately motivated thousands of educators to run for office in the 2018 midterm election. And it’s a sign that education could be an important issue in the 2020 election.

This story taken from the US News website

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