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Why Can’t Big Girls Slay The Day?

Gillette, the well know razor brand is being criticized for using Anna O’Brien, a confident plus-size fashion, fitness and lifestyle blogger, as their model for their new Venus razor add on Twitter, captioning the post as “Go out there and slay the day!”

What is it about an overweight woman that upsets people over her picture? They claim that health is the issue, when you can’t guarantee the health of any human being just by merely looking at their bodies.

Some Twits on Twitter said that “The ad glamorizies obesity and that Gillette is irresponsibly promoting an unhealthy lifestyle for profit.

Obviously a woman that is considerably overweight is not “healthy” in the eyes of a medical professional, but the same goes for those who are considerably underweight.

Just because someone looks “healthy” doesn’t mean that they are healthy.

Health has many different standards, based on who’s making the judgement.

Instead of looking at this woman and thinking, “I’m gonna go out and put on a few pounds”, as the Twits who made the comments are suggesting this picture promotes.

I look at this woman and think that she’s very brave to put herself out there for everyone to see. She must have incredible self esteem and huge balls of steal.

I think that about anyone willing to put on a bikini and show 90% of their uncovered body.

I look at this picture and wish I had the guts to do what she did, because I won’t show my body like that, and I don’t know if I ever will.

“This woman will die of heart disease before @potus completes his second term. I hope she’s just as happy and carefree for her last 6 years of life. Everybody should love themselves, but lets not call it healthy,” one twit wrote.

If Anna is happy in her body and living her life the way she wants, she’s a lot better off than this person who decided to speak up on Twitter with their nasty comments.

If “everybody should love themselves” then why comment? She seems to love herself enough to model for this add.

How can anyone love themselves when there’s horrible people everywhere you turn, making purposely hurtful comments about what you choose to do with your life?

“There’s no reason to be rude or unkind to someone who is obese and there is no reason @GilletteVenus should be encouraging life threatening obesity. This would also be true if they used an anorexic model. I wish the model they used well but Gillette should know better.”

There’s no reason to be rude or unkind, but let me be rude and unkind…. Is what I got from that comment.

None of these people know Anna. They don’t know what she’s been through, what goals she has, what kind of person she is.

Why can’t we just let people live their lives, scroll by if we don’t like what we see, there’s no reason to be so negative.

This debate between too fat and too skinny is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to inconsiderate comments on social media, but this one struck a cord with me. Probably because I have fat and cellulite, I was considered obese at 200lbs, and overweight at 180. I admire someone else who’s willing to go out there, put herself on display, and take whatever heat may come her way with the kind of world we live in today.

“Go out there and slay the day” Anna!

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