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A Phone That Folds. What Will They Think Of Next?

Have you heard about the new Galaxy Fold?

From what I read and saw in Tom’s Guide, a personal review website for new products coming out on the market, it looks and sounds like a pretty cool phone/tablet.

But After reading through the review, written by Jesus Diaz, and realizing that this phone is not only super expensive, it’s just way to big to use for every day use.

Not only does it come with a $1980 price tag, it doesn’t come with an earbud jack (It does come with some Bluetooth ear buds), and it’s not waterproof.

I have to say that having a waterproof phone (iPhone 8plus) has come in very handy. Though it was already outdated when I bought it, I thought the $700 price tag it came with was a bit (a lot) much. I actually received my phone as a gift. If I had purchased it myself, I would have had to pay for 2-3 phones by now just by accidentally getting it wet.

I saw that the phone has a front screen, made of Gorilla Glass, that can be used when the phone is closed. This front screen is much smaller than many of the phones that the newer, unfold-able, phones have. Only using but about 3/4 of the length of the phone, leaving large black voids at the top and the bottom.

There’s also an option to run 3 different apps at once while the phone is in tablet mode, which sounded cool when it was explained exactly what that meant, but then my excitement about this was squashed when it was explained that only a few apps (out of hundreds, maybe thousands) work with this helpful feature (they are hopeful to add more soon).

I would think a 7.5” screen would be hard to use with one hand, and inconvenient to use open for day to day phone use. It doesn’t seem like a logical upgrade for phones to take. Though, it seems by this story, many phone makers are looking to head in the same direction.

I don’t know if I’m just frugal, o.k. cheap, but the price tag is the first thing that turns me off from even thinking about buying this phone. The huge size of it when open, and smaller screen when closed, makes this phone unattractive to me altogether.

Honestly, if I want to use a tablet, I’d use a tablet. I’m pretty happy with the size of phone I have now.

If it didn’t cost so much, it would be cool to use as a traveling tablet, to watch movies on while traveling. The easy fold design would make it easy to pack.

Maybe it be a good phone for my grandma to use, since she has a hard time seeing what’s on the screen of her current phone. But, I’m pretty sure Grandma is as frugal as I am.

I sure hope my son doesn’t hear about this. He’s already been begging me for an iPhone X, which I refuse to buy for him because of the cost….

They can be pre-ordered now, but then hit the shelves at midnight on 4/26/19.

Read the full review on Tom’s Guide

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