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I Am The Worst At Remembering And Planning

Visit my website for some awesome Easter ideas your kids will love!

Just kidding, I don’t have any good ideas.

4 thoughts on “I Am The Worst At Remembering And Planning”

  1. I had my kids’ Easter stuff in the basement sitting on the couch. I left it there this morning thinking that my kids wouldn’t go downstairs at all (I have the stairway baby-gated and they aren’t allowed to go down by themselves).
    We arrived home late from celebrating Easter today at my parents’ house and I immediately began to put my grumpy teething baby to sleep. The house was quiet but I figured maybe my husband was just sitting in the living room reading to my daughter.
    Nope- I walked through the house and couldn’t find either of them so I went to the basement and my daughter was sitting behind the coffee table stringing beads on a necklace while watching Netflix. Dad was in the bathroom. The kids’ Easter stuff was like 4 feet away from her; I don’t know how she was oblivious to it! I hurried to get a blanket to cover it up. When my husband got out of the bathroom he picked up the blanket thinking I was lying on the couch hiding under the blanket (??!?!) but luckily she didn’t see anything that time either!

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      1. It’s really hard not to make the same old joke about men not finding things when it’s right in front of their faces, but he sure makes me want to. 😂 men!


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