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You Can’t Help But Stare In Wonder

Do you ever stop and look at the beauty around you?

Even in the city, with business signs and street lights in the way, I can’t help but see the beauty of a sunrise or a sunset.

Driving down the highway, outside of the city, there is even more to see.

It opens my mind up to what life may have been like before we were surrounded by the things that make life busy.

I wonder how our lives became what they are now, when we basically started with nothing.

I think about what the settlers who started this country had to do to make our lives what they are today.

There is a farm about an hour and a half west of my town.

It has an apple orchard and large gardens where people can go and pick apples and harvest their own vegetables for fun.

It makes me think of what people had to do to eat, to provide for their families, before grocery stores and McDonalds became the way we gather food now.

Now it’s become fun to harvest food. You have to pay to gather the food that you really don’t need.

Our pantries and refrigerators at home are probably already full of food.

I am constantly mesmerized by nature. What needs to happen for everything to work in a way that makes it possible for us to live.

Now, we live by different means. It’s easy enough to get to the grocery store for pre-slices bread and gallons if milk.

It can still be astounding and beautiful to try and understand what needs to happen for us to continue to live the lives that we do.

How our supplies make it to where they need to be, so that our lives can be lived in a way that makes it convenient for us to harvest what we need to survive.

I am constantly enchanted by the beauty of what God has provided for us.

I see a sunrise, sunset, rain falling, cloud formations and I am shaken by it all.

I thank God, on this day, that he gave us this precious gift, through the sacrifice of his Son, so that we could continue to go on and enjoy what he has provided for us.

It’s all amazing. It’s all fascinating.

Happy Easter from WhyMommaWhy

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