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What Kind Of Dog Do You Have?

We all have different breeds of dogs, But do you know what kind of dog you really have?

Take my dog, Shelby, for instance.

She can be a sunbather. A girl really into her tanning, spending hours on end trying to absorb as much Vitamin D as the sun will allow.

Shelby also has many talents; one of them being a bouncer at a club, where she also lives, called “La Casa de la Mama”.

You can see her here, training some of our new employees on how to spot anything that may cross the path of the front door. Joggers and other dogs are strictly prohibited from enjoying their afternoon stroll along the sidewalks of this establishment!

If a perpetrator is caught, they get a thorough investigation. No one has escaped the glare of “The Prosecutor”!.

During her down time, she enjoys playing the roll of “Lounge Chair” to some of the tiny humans who occupy her home. These are also some of the many humans she works to protect, here at “La Casa de la Mama”.

Among the big and tiny humans she protects, she also has the roll of “Comfort Blanket” and “Heater” to the smaller, less fortunate, pack members of “La Casa de la Momma”.

She makes time to relax and rejuvenate, a little too much at times. Her job as a “Couch Potato” is executed with great precision, as you can be a witness to here.

She is always rewarded for her hard work. Shelby allows her subjects at “Casa de la ma” to shower her with love and Frosty Paws the first and third Tuesday of every month.

Above all, at the end of the day, she is a lady. Always beautiful, always proper.

All in a days work for this skilled and talented kind of dog.

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