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When An Animal Lover Has Kids: Waking Up

My kid’s moods can range from sweet angel to raging maniac when I wake them up in the morning.

90% of the time, I get raging maniacs.

I can’t remember one time I woke my dogs or cats up and was met with a velociraptor type scream that would peel the paint off a wall.

We all love our children to the moon and back. But, there is no denying why our animals hold a special place in our heart, and are sometimes easier to raise than children.

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Reason #1: Dinner

Reason #2: Jail

Reason #3: T.V.

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9 thoughts on “When An Animal Lover Has Kids: Waking Up”

    1. I too am a 330am warrior. It’s the only time I have, until 530, to get anything done. And yes, silence is very scary after you have children. It’s the small things we don’t realize pre-kids that makes life after them so funny. Laugh or go crazy ❤️😉

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