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When An Animal Lover Has Kids: Gifts

There’s just something about the unwavering love our animals give us without the need for XBox annual memberships and LOL dolls.

I would love to give my kids everything they ever wanted so that their love for me would never end. But it would end, as soon as they wanted the very next and best thing.

No, I won’t buy my kid’s love. I can’t afford it and it’s not real love.

My animals love me just because I’m me. And because I feed them and let them sleep on soft beds, often my own.

We all love our children to the moon and back. But, there is no denying why our animals hold a special place in our heart, and are sometimes easier to raise than children.

Reason #1: Dinner

Reason #2: Jail

Reason #3: T.V.

Reason #4: Waking Up

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12 thoughts on “When An Animal Lover Has Kids: Gifts”

  1. You said, quote ” you wanna read some crazy moments of mom”, no, I think I must be a serial killer. Kids…. I can handle them for about two hours, they have fun with me though, but after that 2 or almost 3 hour mark I start to think how can I commit suicide or how can I toss the kid in a river ………

    Love ya mom, you´re too smart for me, actually most women are, and men, and even my crazy bulldog of whom? My mothers dog. My mgrateother made the choice of not Reading me, she is kind of a dictator, actually she is. So my point…… now it comes to mind, took me some time, so you should be gratefull it came to mind the point, I have a friend that has 8 kids, not kidding,

    how he hasn´t commit suicide yet I have no clue, and he even loves the 8 devils, he also has his whiskeys with me……. no wonder.

    Forgot the point, anyways I´m gonna see my, MY, mother this week, pretty cool. Yep, I´m 36 years old, I do tell the girls I´m 27, no idea why that number, it could be 26 or 25, just randomly I got to the 27, so the point now will be my guess is why am I telling you all this?You better answer so you can avoid myself suicide


    1. Moms are crazy ladies, having kids. Especially 8!
      Most moms are driven crazy by their kids and husband, I am no exception. But my kids, I love them more than most. Why? Because I made them, with a little help from the man, but mostly me. From my body. MY BODY.
      You men make things with you hands, and you love them. Imagine if you made something with your own body. A miracle!
      But they do drive us all crazy. 8! I only have 2, and I’m having a hard time. I bet that mom has some crazy ass stories, for sure.

      You’re afraid of getting older, not being loved? Is that why you’re 27? An odd number? Me, I’m 37. Might as well be 40. I don’t care about the age, not at this point. I’m just trying to comprehend how adult I should be acting.
      Have a day. Give some of that whiskey to the mother of 8, or buy her a bottle of wine, for crying out loud.


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