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Fantasies Of A Mother

Moms, what are your fantasies? Your absolute ultimate fantasy?!

Is it about being in bed with your favorite sex symbol? Or partner. Maybe it’s best to fantasize about being in bed with your partner.

Do you think about the many different positions you would try. Maybe some toys would be involved? Maybe not…

Do you ever fantasize about being a “good mother”?

That’s what I fantasize about.

I want to feel like playing with my kids? Even the games that they play that I really hate, or the games that have the cards, buzzers, and all those horrible pieces!

But, I also fantasize that my children don’t want me to play those games, but that they will play the games on their own.

During the games; my children will get along, and not try to murder each other because the other is not playing the right way, one is cheating, or because I ask the older child to let the younger child win every once in a while so I don’t have to hear the cries of utter despair.

I want my children to take turns playing what each of them prefers, knowing they will each get to play whatever game they want to, next.

I fantasize that the kids will understand compromise, and that being a sore looser is never good idea to express in front of the winner.

In the morning, my children will get out of bed the first time I go in to wake them up.

They will get dressed, brush their teeth, and comb their hair. They will know where they put their shoes the night before, and they will get themselves something to eat in the morning.

The children will not wait until I loose my damn mind to decide to get ready.

I fantasize about my children understanding the concept of time and organization.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll clean out my car.
It’s been smelling like my clothes from freshman gym class in high school, that pair I kept forgetting to wash.
The papers and garbage in my car have piled up so high. The papers, mixed with the juice and chocolate milk containers from Chick-Fil-A, have created a decoupage of sorts on the floorboard of my car.

I fantasize about having the energy to clean my car, and the will-power to execute the task.

I want to clean my house, from top to bottom. Left and right, in and out. My husband would notice, for sure, the extent of my cleaning.

He will make sure to pick his things up and put them where they belong, instead of nonchalantly laying them on the back of the recliner.
My children, understanding what hard work mommy has done to try and create a safe space for living, will surely not destroy every square inch of the house, as they have done every day before, within an hour of mom finishing her cleaning duties..

I fantasize about cleanliness, observation, and self control.

I’m going to take a bath after I clean my house. Taking a few relaxing moments for myself, I’m going to put to use the bathtub pillow and drain cover I purchased off of Amazon 2 months ago. I’m finally going to use the lavender scented epsom salts that have been sitting next to the bathtub, the salts that my daughter keeps wanting me to put into her bath. I want to be able to use these salts before my son uses them for one of his “experiments”.

I fantasize about lavender scented relaxation, and water that covers my tummy and boobs.

It’s Summertime, so naturally, I want to cook for my family. No more cereal, peanut butter and jelly, and quick macaroni and cheese.

I will get up a little bit early to make eggs and bacon for breakfast.

For lunch, we’ll have turkey sandwiches and carrot slices with hummus dip.

Dinner will be a marinated chicken breast, garlic mashed potatoes, and salad.

I’ll have to get up a little bit earlier, than I previously thought, to get all of those things from the grocery store.

I fantasize about setting my alarm clock and actually getting up when it goes off.

I fantasize about not hating the grocery store.

After breakfast, I’ll get the kids ready and we’ll take the dogs on a walk. We will go to the park! It will be a joyous time had by all. The kids (and dogs) will play so much that they will come home and want to take a nap!

I fantasize that my children will want to take a nap, understanding that it’s benefits far outweigh its risks.

I also fantasize that I would be able to nap. Uninterrupted day-time sleep.

After the 4 hour nap, I’ll have energy to allow the kids to paint. They’ve been begging me for days to paint. And I’ll let them get out the stickers and glitter. They will use popsicle sticks to create wind chimes, and I won’t have a fit about the mess! They’re kids, they’re supposed to make messes.
The mess will be an easy enough clean-up, and the activities will keep them off of their tablets, video games, television shows, and movies.

Once the children are done with crafts, they will help me clean up the mess.

I fantasize about creating craft time without anxiety. I also fantasize about the day where screen time isn’t thought of as a mortal sin.

After crafts, I will give them a healthy snack. apples and bananas and organic applesauce. This will keep them occupied so that I can start to get things in order for dinner.

Since I have done everything humanly possible to keep my kids busy for most of the day, they will now find a way to keep themselves busy. Using the thousands of toys we have purchased, and their imagination, to give me time to prepare their evening feast.

They will allow me to cook without asking for another snack, seeing that dinner is being prepared. They will allow me to cook without coming to me to ask where a toy is, without first looking for it themselves. The kids will see that dinner is cooking, and understand that I will let them know when it’s done, instead of my children coming to me every 5 minutes to ask if dinner is done yet. They will allow me to make their final meal of the day, without taking my spatula to use as their sword, and my colander as their helmet.

I fantasize about unassisted and uninterrupted nutrition preparation.

We will sit at the table and eat what I have assembled. No one will argue about what was made, they will eat it in appreciation for what I have done. We will discuss our day, our hopes and our dreams.

We will finish dinner, the kids taking our plates and cleaning the dishes in harmony. Working together, as I have taught them since birth.

Then the children will bathe, without argument. They will use soap, shampoo and conditioner. They will use these items on the spots of the body that these items are designed for.
They will dry themselves off, hanging the towels up to dry. Since their mother has just cleaned the whole house, they will realize that this small gesture would be a simple and easy way to please her.

They will dress in pajamas, without whining that their favorite ones are dirty, or argue that they’d rather sleep in the nude.

After they read their OWN bedtime stories, they will fall asleep on their OWN bed. No more food or water required for the evening.

I fantasize about cooperation, communication, and teamwork.

I will walk by their rooms, and make sure they are tucked in bed. Kiss them goodnight, turn the light off, and lightly shut the door.

My husband, seeing how tired I am, will allow me to watch my favorite show.
He will kiss me goodnight as I dose off at 8pm, a good time to go to sleep so I can be rested for the next day to come.

I fantasize about quickly falling asleep without recollecting my many mistakes during my whole entire life.

Yes, I have fantasies.

I have a lot of fantasies.

I understand that these fantasies don’t make up what happens in real life.

I would just like an easy day, once in a while. I don’t know if I would even enjoy it, but I can surely fantasize about it.

Kindof like when we say we just need a day or two away from our kids, and then we spend the whole time missing them. Something like that, is how I imagine I would feel if any of my fantasies came true. Except, the one about my husband. I believe he is more than capable of putting his clothes away; and I wouldn’t miss doing it myself, if he actually decided to do it.

What is it that you fantasize about as a mother? I want to know!Wanna read some of life’s crazy moments from a mom that’s not quite sure what she’s doing? Head over to

Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Fantasies Of A Mother”

  1. Fantasize about being fully rested, fashionably dressed, hair/nails/makeup did, healthy diet, place spotless, working full time and providing all my attention on my kids and their individual interests all the time.. every day

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