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Why Animals Are Better Than Having Kids: Fingers

If you can’t laugh at this, then I don’t know what to tell you.

My daughter had an “owie” on her finger than she just had to show everyone!

Has your child ever had an owie, or a booboo, somewhere that was embarrassing for you when they just had to show everyone? I’d love to hear about it.

The fact that animals can’t express hand gestures is probably a good thing to be grateful for, or they’d be telling every one how they felt.

They would also get into a lot more trouble, and probably look a little weird.

We all love our children to the moon and back. But, there is no denying why our animals hold a special place in our heart, and are sometimes easier to raise than children.

Reason #1: Dinner

Reason #2: Jail

Reason #3: T.V.

Reason #4: Waking Up

Reason #5: Gifts

Reason #6: Looks

Reason #7: Judgement

Reason #8: Car Rides

Thanks for reading!

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