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Rockstar Moms: Happy Mother’s Day

I was surprised when a customer service man wished me a "Happy Mother's Day!" yesterday. I was taken aback, Mother's Day? I had already sent out cards to my mother and grandmothers earlier this week, and then I promptly forgot all about it. Mother's Day, for me, has never been different than any other day.… Continue reading Rockstar Moms: Happy Mother’s Day

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World’s Okayest Mom

Do you ever wake up in the morning just feeling like you haven't even slept at all? Feeling that you just don't have what it's going to take to face the unyielding energy and chores that your toddler will inevitably bring to the rest of the day? Or deal with the mouthy attitude of your… Continue reading World’s Okayest Mom

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Why Can’t Big Girls Slay The Day?

Gillette, the well know razor brand is being criticized for using Anna O'Brien, a confident plus-size fashion, fitness and lifestyle blogger, as their model for their new Venus razor add on Twitter, captioning the post as "Go out there and slay the day!" What is it about an overweight woman that upsets people over her… Continue reading Why Can’t Big Girls Slay The Day?