Get To Know Me

img_3681I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Tucson, Arizona. I still live there (here) today.

I grew up in the 80’s and loved being outside playing with my friends, listening to Cyndi Lauper, playing the Nintendo, and I love love love animals.

I had a normal childhood; growing up outside, drinking from the water hose, playing until the streetlights came on, riding my bike, and spending the night at my friend’s houses on the weekends.

I used to walk to and from school by myself, until I got a bike, then I rode.

When I was little I would ride in the back of my dad’s work van, sitting on top of the tool box in the back. I remember the fun I had, sliding back and fourth on the lid of the box with every turn my dad made.

I, along with my brother, was a latchkey kid. We had chores to do every day.

I am the middle child of 3 and I have classic middle child syndrome. My younger sister didn’t have to do chores (CLASSIC middle child syndrome).

Now, I am a wife and mother of two.

My son, Jackson, is 14 years old. He lives with his birth father an hour away. He has an abnormal love of shoes, thinks he’s a man now that he can grow fuzz on his face, and needs to be reminded who the parent is on a regular basis. Ahhhh, teens…..

I have to keep track of him over the phone. It really sucks. Really, really sucks.

My daughter, Grace, is 5. She is a dramatic dancing diva who can handle life on her own. She’ll would tell you that, anyway, if she could. She, also, has a love of shoes and dresses that twirl. She is a self taught cosmetologist and loves to make her mother look like a clown.

I love both of my children with all my heart, even though they make me question my sanity almost every day. Both of them make me laugh in between causing me immense amounts of stress.

I never knew being an adult, a wife, and a mother could be so difficult.

I work in a veterinary clinic. My dream job growing up, but life likes to hand you lemons occasionally.

I have 5 dogs and 4 cats and an obvious disability to say no to needy animals.

I have social anxiety. I don’t meet new people well. I don’t know what to talk about. I don’t like leaving my house. I work hard to keep a roof over my head, why would I not want to spend the majority of my time here?

I have two hobbies that don’t require me to be around people, I love to garden and I love to read. Both of these things made difficult to do by the great demands of life.

My only talent, being good at my job, has come into question recently. But I wouldn’t be a woman without questioning, and worrying about, everything I do being the right thing to do, every moment of every day.

I live with chronic pain. I was diagnosed at 35 with arthritis in my back. Without much help from the medications or therapies the doctors had prescribed and recommended, and with some research, I have come to the conclusion that I am also dealing with Fibromyalgia.

Chronic pain sucks. It sucks a lot.

Being a mother of 2 demanding kids, a husband who doesn’t understand, 9 animals that need taken care of, a house that needs cleaned, a family that needs to be fed, and a job that wants all of my time, sucks hard.

I want to open up and share my stories so that I can try to show someone else out there in this world that they are not alone.

I listen to a lot of mothers and their stories, all of them different, some of them struggling with the same things as I am, but not exactly.

I want to help someone the way that these mothers, these women, have helped me.

I want to make you laugh. I want to make you feel like you have a friend. I want to make sure you know you’re not alone.

If you have any questions or comments about me, or my page, please contact me.