Aggie’s Story

Aggie’s story starts way back, many moons ago, when she was adopted from the local animal shelter by my brother.

My brother is the one who named her “Agatha”. I would never name any animal that.

Aggie has always been such a sweetheart, and began becoming a family favorite, always loving to be around people!

My brother had her for a few years before we started seeing signs of issues with Aggie, The first of which was an incident where she got into a fight with the neighbor’s dog.

My brother wasn’t there when Aggie had gotten into a fight with the neighbor’s Pitbull, and wouldn’t let go.

My brother came home from work, and was stopped outside his door by the neighbor, who explained the situation.

The neighbor told my brother that the dogs got into a fight through a hole that was dug underneath the fence. The neighbor heard what was going on, and found that Aggie wouldn’t let go, so he pried her mouth off of his dog.

My brother went into the house to see what kind of damage had been done to her, after making sure that the neighbor’s dog was O.K., which she was.

When my brother walked in, Aggie greeted him by rolling on her back and showing him her tummy, knowing that she had been bad and was probably in trouble.

You see, Aggie is a very submissive-type dog, to humans. My brother had never had any other issues with Aggie before, so the fight was a surprise to him.

When she rolled over onto her back, Aggie’s upper lip seemed to fall away from her teeth. And that’s just what happened.

He called me, since I work at a veterinary clinic, and asked me to come and look and make sure she was O.K. She was acting perfectly fine otherwise.

When I got there, she did the same thing to me, immediately rolled onto her back. When she did that, I saw the damage that had been done. The inside of her jaw, where the skin attaches the upper jaw and nose to the skull , was torn away, and we could see into her nasal cavity. Did that make sense?

We’re not exactly sure what happened, but we believe the neighbor pulled her off of his dog by pulling up on her upper jaw/lips, with enough force to do this damage. It’s also possible that the damage was done by the fence the two dogs were fighting through.

Aggie was repaired and she healed just fine, no nasal issues at all. You can’t even tell there was ever any injury.

A few years later, my brother added another dog to his family. A little girl puppy named Phoebe.

Phoebe and Aggie did fine with each other….until a few years later, when Phoebe decided to try and challenge Aggie’s authority.

They got into multiple fights. One of those fights caused Aggie’s hip to dislocate, which required and expensive surgery to repair.

In the picture of Aggie wearing a T-shirt, is right after one of those fights. Phoebe caused a massive laceration on Aggie’s chest that needed to be surgically repaired. She’s wearing the shirt so that she wouldn’t get the incision dirty.

My brother had had enough. He didn’t have a very big home and he was going to be getting married soon, adding 3 more dogs to the already small space. He wanted to find Aggie a home.

I was heartbroken by this. #1, Aggie had been with my brother much longer than Phoebe had. I thought it was pretty crappy that he was going to get rid of Aggie, because he really did favor Phoebe much more than Aggie. #2, he was willing to give her to just anyone who wanted a dog, something that made me uneasy. Who knew where she would end up and if she would be taken care of.

So, because I’m a sucker for sad cases, I told my brother I would take her. She had been staying at my house for a few weeks already because I was taking care of her woulds at my house so her and Phoebe wouldn’t get into another fight.

I already had 4 dogs myself, but I have a larger house and yard, and all my dogs seemed to get along with her. That’s when she became mine.

After about a year, Aggie started getting into minor fights with one of my female dogs, Kennedy. It’s a good thing Aggie was getting older and arthritic from all of her previous injuries, because I think it really made her calm down after a while. They never got into it as bad as Aggie and Phoebe did, but I did start to separate them and made sure to handle situations differently to make sure Aggie understood who alpha was supposed to be.

It has all worked out now, there hasn’t been a fight in a few years. I no longer have to separate them and everyone gets along just fine.

Aggie is an interesting part of our family. She still loves being around people, and she has always done very well with my children. She loves to carry around stuffed animals, her favorite being a stuffed pheasant. She also loves food, and chewed open her wrapped Christmas present of rawhide bones one night. That was my fault for not thinking a dog wouldn’t be able to smell the bones through the wrapping paper…

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