J.J.’s Story

Oh JJ.

There’s a lot to be said about this little dog.

We got him about 5 years ago.
My son was out playing in the neighborhood with his friends, when he comes running up to me with a puppy in his hands.

Trying to catch his breath from running, he asks if we can keep this puppy.
He explains that an old woman down the road told him she couldn’t take care of the dog anymore and wanted to find him a new home.

I look down the road and the woman waves to me as my son tells me that if we keep him she’ll give us all the stuff she just bought for the puppy.

A brief discussion with my husband and JJ became ours.
My son brings home the dog, a small crate, a duck toy that JJ just wants to hump, leash and collar, and a tiny sweater for him to wear.

I didn’t need another dog, but I had lost my previous chihuahua to heart failure just a few years before. I wanted another one.

He became my son’s dog. Though my son does not feed or take care of JJ in any way, my son says “He’s my dog”.

We named him JJ, it stands for Jack Jr. My son is Jack.

I love to see Jack and JJ together, buddies.
Since I am a lover of all animals, it breaks my heart that my children hadn’t shared the same love of animals that I have. They could really care less about the dogs or the cats, but my son loves JJ. He loves to take him on walks, have JJ sleep in his bed, and sit on his lap when he watches TV.

JJ is the smallest dog I own, with the biggest attitude.
He tells all the other dogs what they can and can’t do. He’s actually kind of a jerk.
If they’re doing something he doesn’t like, JJ will jump up (because he’s so short) and nip at their faces. The other dogs just take it, I don’t understand why.

He tries to bite me when I trim his nails, which I’ve never had a problem with in the past. It’s funny to watch, because he’s so small, he thinks he can do some real damage with those tiny teeth. He hates having his nails trimmed more than anything.

JJ has an issue with peeing on the corners of things, inside and out.
He likes to pee on the corner of our kitchen table, just after he’s been outside.
I have a huge yard, and I will keep the dogs outside to go potty for a good amount of time. But JJ will come inside and mark my table.

If he does pee outside, it’s typically on my porch which irritates the crap out of me since our yard is so big, or on the legs of our porch furniture, grill, etc.

He loves to play wrestle, and growls the whole time. He thinks he’s winning and won’t give up.

He also loves to play with toys and will retrieve anything I throw. He would do it all day, if I let him.

He’s a cuddle bug, almost never laying down by himself. His favorite nap buddy being Shelby. If he does sleep with my son, its always under the covers.

JJ also likes to play with my cat Pippi, since they’re practically the same size, he likes to try and give her a hard time. He tries to push her around, nipping at her legs. Then she usually smacks him, and then they start over again.

He’s been a fairly healthy dog, I haven’t had to take him into work (a vet’s office) for being sick at all. Just to get neutered, so he’d stop humping his toys, and his vaccines.

So even though JJ has his faults of marking furniture, peeing on my porch, and being a bossy jerk to my other dogs, he has the kind of personality that make him a big part of our lives

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