Shelby’s Story

Shelby was the first animal that my husband, Patrick, and I adopted together back in 2009.

For whatever reason, we decided it would be a good idea to visit our local humane society. In one of the kennels there was an energetic, white with black and brown markings, puppy jumping up at the fence. We saw her and ended up, ironically, needing a puppy.

She was only a few months old, and very cute. We were told she was a Beagle Mix and that she wouldn’t get very big. 80 pounds later, we have our full grown Beagle mix.

We didn’t know exactly what she was, other than a hound, but I was walking her one day and a guy stopped me to ask me what kind of dog she was, I told him I wasn’t really sure. He told me that he had a dog just like her once, a Walker Hound. I looked it up, and she does look a lot like one, but I’m not sure if she’s a purebred. Probably not.

Shelby is a hungry and mischievous creature. She loves food, bananas and carrots being her favorite non-dog food, but she will eat just about anything, even if it’s off the kitchen counter. It took me a while to get her out of that habit, but it’s still a rare occurrence.

She’s been sick a few times and needed to be hospitalized for dehydration for a bad upset tummy, probably from eating something she shouldn’t have.

When we first adopted Shelby we didn’t expect her to get so big, and we only lived in a small, two bedroom, condo with no yard. My husband’s mother came for a visit from Texas and fell in love with Shelby, so we asked her to take Shelby until we could get a bigger place.

Shelby was mischievous at her house as well. Climbing the wall to escape the yard, Shelby could never be left outside by herself. She would also steal food off the counter there too, once stealing one of the cakes she was making to take to church one Sunday morning. You could often hear Patrick’s mom saying “Oh, Shelby!” pretty regularly.

When we bought our house in 2012 we brought Shelby back to live with us.

In our backyard there is a chimney-style fireplace in the far back corner. On each side of the fireplace are ledges to set wood, or whatever you want, on. We quickly found out that Shelby was using those ledges to climb the wall and escape our yard… so we put up little gates to block them so she wouldn’t do that anymore.

Shelby has very expressive eyes, and she’s pretty demanding when she wants or needs something.

If it’s time to be fed, or she wants a snack, she’ll come and sit right in front of me and stare are me. If I don’t pay attention, she’ll whine and walk over to where I always feed her.

If she needs to go out to potty, she’ll do the same routine and walk over to the back door.

If she wants something I’m eating she’ll sit directly in front of me and just stare me down, hoping that this time I might give in and let her have a bite.

She’s pretty handy to have, if I ever spill anything that’s food, she’s always there to clean up my mess. I just have to be careful that it’s not something she’s not supposed to eat.

Shelby’s funny and quite a bumbling whirlwind of a beast, I don’t think she understands how big she is.

She loves everyone and everything, she never shies away from anyone, which can be a problem because of her size. She just loves to be loved and thinks everyone is on this planet to be her friend.

Her best friend in the world is Kennedy, one of my other dogs. They have loved each other since the first day they met, they play wrestle, chase lizards, and nap together all the time.

She is also a great bed buddy. Even though her long legs take up most of the bed, she loves to cuddle. She is a natural couch potato which has been a difficult transition since we got new couches.

I have large dog beds all over the house, but she wants to lay on the couch.

Shelby’s personality makes her special and she is a very unique and important part of our family.

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