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Marriage is Fucking Hard

There is a lot to be said about a couple who can stay together through the test of time. My husband and I are not one of those couples. Our marriage was been doomed from the very beginning. Lies, betrayal, anger, hatred, jealousy, fear. I have looked and watched other couples, wishing in my head… Continue reading Marriage is Fucking Hard

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The Awkward Love Of Real Life

I think that most mothers may have a romantic side to them. They want to have excitement in their love life. Making love to their partner in a manner that seems unplanned, un-missionary, exciting, thrilling, etc. A chance to get all that pent-up sexual frustration out. A planned date night is always a good idea.… Continue reading The Awkward Love Of Real Life

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Independence Day: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness

Happy Independence day! God bless the USA! Why do people choose to use their freedom in such a negative way that works to break our country down, instead of help build us up? Why do we waste our time hating other people for their life choices, instead of focusing that energy on our own lives… Continue reading Independence Day: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness

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When An Animal Lover Has Kids: Gifts

There's just something about the unwavering love our animals give us without the need for XBox annual memberships and LOL dolls. I would love to give my kids everything they ever wanted so that their love for me would never end. But it would end, as soon as they wanted the very next and best… Continue reading When An Animal Lover Has Kids: Gifts