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Rockstar Moms: Happy Mother’s Day

I was surprised when a customer service man wished me a "Happy Mother's Day!" yesterday. I was taken aback, Mother's Day? I had already sent out cards to my mother and grandmothers earlier this week, and then I promptly forgot all about it. Mother's Day, for me, has never been different than any other day.… Continue reading Rockstar Moms: Happy Mother’s Day

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I’m A Mom Living With Chronic Pain

I'm sure there are other mothers dealing with this same issue. We are never really alone in our struggles, just far apart. We won't be able to find people who can relate to what we go through unless we put ourselves out there for others to find.

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I Took My Kids To The Dentist

I don’t know why a trip to the dentist has to become a negotiation situation to keep my kids from breaking down inside of the dentist’s office. My 14 year old son begged me to get him braces. He’s had them for almost 2 years now and still complains about going in for visits. My… Continue reading I Took My Kids To The Dentist

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My Husband’s Morning Routine.

I wake up at 3:10am every morning, at least Monday through Friday. Saturday too, if I have to go into the job that helps put food on the table for my children to complain about. It also helps put Hollister on my son’s back and LOL’s into my daughter’s hands. But they don’t think about… Continue reading My Husband’s Morning Routine.

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Why Is There Hair There?

I'm in the shower, enjoying my once a week Sunday shower. Don't judge me, there is no time for any more than that at this point in my life... Don’t worry, I wash my hair in the kitchen sink every other day and sponge bathe my body as needed. I will shower more when there… Continue reading Why Is There Hair There?