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Marriage is Fucking Hard

There is a lot to be said about a couple who can stay together through the test of time. My husband and I are not one of those couples. Our marriage was been doomed from the very beginning. Lies, betrayal, anger, hatred, jealousy, fear. I have looked and watched other couples, wishing in my head… Continue reading Marriage is Fucking Hard

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The Awkward Love Of Real Life

I think that most mothers may have a romantic side to them. They want to have excitement in their love life. Making love to their partner in a manner that seems unplanned, un-missionary, exciting, thrilling, etc. A chance to get all that pent-up sexual frustration out. A planned date night is always a good idea.… Continue reading The Awkward Love Of Real Life

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What Parenting Does To Make Adults

Have you every really thought about how your parenting is going to affect your kids? Like, really contemplate this? Think about your own childhood, for a sec. Did your mother every say or do something to you, as a small child or young adult, that you think affects how you parent your children now? Did… Continue reading What Parenting Does To Make Adults