When An Animal Lover Has Kids: T.V.

I know that I used to make my parents watch my favorite movies on repeat when I was a child. But I don’t believe the shows or movies I watched in the 80’s and early 90’s were quite as bad as what I’m forced to watch with my children now.

I say this as Baby Shark is playing through my head without even having it on in front of me.

Though parents make many sacrifices for their children, one of them being that we will watch the occasional ridiculous television show; when my pets are home, they allow me to watch whatever it is I want. And, I can do it without them whining or crying, or throwing themselves on the ground like their lives have been completely ruined for having to watch an episode of ‘The Office’.

We all love our children to the moon and back. But, there is no denying why our animals hold a special place in our heart, and are sometimes easier to raise than children.

Reason #1: Dinner

Reason #2: Jail

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